Sunday, December 7, 2014

Barron's Cover Story: Crash? - "This Time It's Different" $HPQ $CFX $DOOR $BCC $WAB $GOOG

This time is never different.... unless, of course, one acknowledges apriori that "this time is different" thus making this time, er, different? At least that is the logic according to the latest headline-grabbing edition of Barron's which observes that with the Nasdaq approaching 5000 again, "fears have been raised about the possibility of yet another market collapse." But fear not, because "this time it's different"...

$CFX Colfax could be value for long-term investors, Barron's says
$HPQ HP shares could gain 15%, Barron's says
$DOOR Masonite shares could climb over 20%,Barron's says
$BCC Take profits in Boise Cascade, Barron's says
$WAB Some bulls see Wabtec shares reaching $110 in a year, Barron's says
$GOOG Google could reach $634 in a year, Barron's says

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