Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Coming Economic and Earnings Calender

Coming Earnings

 Day                    Quarter  Consensus   Year   Ticker
                                  Estimate    Ago
MSC Industrl Direct       3Q       $0.98    $1.10    MSM
Amer Greetings            1Q        0.00     0.65    AM
Schulman (A.)             3Q        0.65     0.69    SHLM
Mercury Systems           4Q       -0.07     0.10    MRCY
Constellation Brands      1Q        0.41     0.40    STZ
Acuity Brands             3Q        0.88     0.82    AYI
ZEP                       3Q        0.42     0.39    ZEP
Int'l Speedway            2Q        0.49     0.52    ISCA

The Dog That Ate 111 Pennies!

Apple's reign is Over! Barron's - Weekly Preview - Stocks to Watch


By Vito J. Racanelli

And the winner is ... Berkshire Hathaway, knocking the crown off three-time winner Apple. Who's up, who's down, who's on, and who's off

    SPECIAL REPORT: WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE MARKETS After a five-week decline, the U.S. stock market has reclaimed some of its lost ground. With the S&P 500 up 12.6% on the year—and bonds, gold, copper and emerging markets all down in double digits—the allure of equities will likely grow.

Apple's reign is over.

      Its remarkable three-year hold on the throne of Barron's annual ranking of
the world's most respected companies is history. No longer the apple of the
market's eye, the immensely successful maker of iPads, iPhones, and Mac
computers slipped to third place in the 2013 survey (ticker: AAPL).
      And proving that comebacks are possible even for an 82-year-old CEO,
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (ticker: BRK/A) came out on top this year,
up from a No. 15 finish in 2012 -- the only time in this ranking's nine-year
history that it finished out of the top five.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Market Bounces over $150 points off earlier lows - Coming Earnings - $LEN in motion into earnings tomorrow

 Day                    Quarter  Consensus   Year   Ticker
                                  Estimate    Ago
Sonic                     3Q       $0.26    $0.24    SONC
Mercury Systems           4Q       -0.07     0.10    MRCY
Gencorp                   2Q       -0.01     0.03    GY
Fuller (H.B.)             2Q        0.70     0.62    FUL
Park Electrochemical      1Q        0.29     0.24    PKE
Amer Greetings            1Q        0.00     0.65    AM
MSC Industrl Direct       3Q        0.98     1.10    MSM
Walgreen                  3Q        0.91     0.72    WAG
Apollo Grp                3Q        0.85     1.20    APOL
Aerovironment             4Q       -0.10     0.80    AVAV
Carnival                  2Q        0.06     0.20    CCL
SYNNEX                    2Q        0.81     0.90    SNX
Apogee Enterprises        1Q        0.14     0.06    APOG
Barnes  &  Noble          4Q       -0.99    -0.98    BKS
Lennar Cl A               2Q        0.33     0.21    LEN

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barron's Highlights $TSLA Tesla Technologies negatively, again - $INTC Intel's Coming Must See TV

Coming Soon: Intel's Must-See TV

I was fortunate enough to glimpse a possible part of that future at the Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters of Intel (ticker: INTC), where I saw a TV service that is novel, elegant, and highly desirable, even to a television Luddite like me. The service faces a number of hurdles, including potential obstruction by the cable and telephone industries, but what I witnessed could take Intel in a thrilling new direction.
Sometime this year, the chip giant will offer a set-top box at retail, with a subscription service that brings you live television over your broadband Internet connection.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

$AAPL HBO GO & WatchESPN Come to Apple TV

HBO GO & WatchESPN Come to Apple TV

 iTunes Viewers Now Purchasing Over 800,000 TV Episodes & Over 350,000
Movies Per Day
      CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Apple(R) today announced that HBO GO
and WatchESPN are now available directly on Apple TV(R) joining the great lineup
of programming offered to customers. iTunes(R) users have downloaded more than
one billion TV episodes and 380 million movies from iTunes to date, and they are
purchasing over 800,000 TV episodes and over 350,000 movies per day.
      "HBO GO and WatchESPN are some of the most popular iOS apps and are sure
to be huge hits on Apple TV," said Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of
Internet Software and Services. "We continue to offer Apple TV users great new
programming options, combined with access to all of the incredible content they
can purchase from the iTunes Store."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

$AAPL: Apple Computer New York Times Article

JAGNote by The New York Times
Jun 18 at 06:40

      In Embattled Detroit, No Talk of Sharing Pain - The fiscal crisis in
Michigan is setting up as a gigantic clash between bondholders and city retirees
over what money Detroit has left to pay them.Albany May Tighten Rein on Banking
Consultants - Benjamin M. Lawsky, New York's superintendent of financial
services, is said to be considering invoking a state law dating back to 1892 to
crack down on the industry.More Data on Privacy, but Picture Is No Clearer -
Apple joined the list of companies that have disclosed information about
government surveillance, but many questions remain unanswered.Outside Review of
Clinical Data Finds a Spinal Treatment's Benefit Overstated - Independent
reviews of clinical trial data concluded that Infuse, a bioengineered bone
product, was not significantly better than a traditional bone graft, and that it
might pose risks.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"AMD Could Double" Barron's say's - Weekly Earnings & Economic Calender

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$AMD American Micro Devices: Could double from entry into 'microserver' market Barron's says AMD's acquisition of SeaMicro could drive the stock substantially higher as the "microserver" and tablet  market expand, Barron's contends in its Technology Trader column.

$AMGN Amgen:  Still looks attractive, Barron's says. Amgen could rise 20%, to $120.00 per share, by maintaining its current heading and as investors gain confidence in the company's growth outlook, Barron's contends. The stock trades a significant discount to other large-cap biotech companies, the paper adds.

$IRM Iron Mountain:  could drop towards the teens, Barron's reports Iron Mountain could drop around the low-$20s if it fails to gain status as a REIT, Barron's contends in a follow up article.

$BIG Big Lots: Shares look cheap, Barron's reports Big Lots prospects are improving with the company's new CEO implementing strategic initiatives to improve sales by year-end and entry into Canada, Barron's says in its Sizing Up Small Caps column. Big Lots looks cheap, as it trades at 10 times next year's earnings estimates, the paper adds.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Barron's Bitterly Pans Tesla - Weekly Recap - Upcoming Earnings & Economic Calender

Notable Barron's Tesla Article Highlights:

     The challenge is battery cost. The Morgan Stanley analyst assumes that it
can drop by half, from $400 to $200 per kilowatt hour, and that consumers will
accept a driving range below 140 miles. But the U.S. government and industry
researchers say the cost performance of batteries is coming down slower than
hoped. At GM, Director of Global Battery Systems Bill Wallace believes that
battery-capacity costs can improve by about 20% in the next few years, with
longer odds of saving 40% if new technologies pan out in five years.
      Before ending our interview, Musk said that improvements will cut the cost
of the Model S's battery to $10,000-$12,000.
      Musk will succeed at establishing Tesla as a valuable brand, even if it
winds up confined to the luxury bracket of the Model S and its crossover cousin,
the Model X. Tesla stock, therefore, has a floor at whatever price a giant like
Daimler might pay to buy the company. But an acquirer wouldn't wildly overpay
for the cash flow expected from those luxury lines. Morgan Stanley sees Tesla's
free cash flow hitting $400 million in 2016 the year before Gen III's expected
launch. A Harley-Davidson multiple on that cash flow 10 times would support a
Tesla stock price in the $30s. A BMW multiple of three times would point to a $
10 price. Those levels surely undervalue Tesla and Musk. We suspect there'd be
plenty of buyers at $50.

      The mass-market segment will be crowded by the time Tesla plans to deliver
Gen III. Chevy just introduced GM's first all-electric car, the Spark EV, at
$20,000 (after the $7,500 tax credit). Consumers seem cool to paying more
for an electric vehicle with a driving range that's a fraction of an internal-
combustion model's. Disappointing demand drove price cuts last month on Honda's
Fit EV and Nissan's Leaf. The category-leading Leaf sold fewer than 10,000 units
last year.
      We're sure Musk could have told us why potential buyers of affordable
electrics still see internal-combustion-powered cars as a cheaper, more
convenient choice.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

$KNDI $TSLA Kandi jumps after Chinese government approves electric car

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  Shares of Chinese automaker Kandi Technologies (KNDI) are soaring after
the company announced that its electric car was approved by the Chinese
government. WHAT'S NEW: Kandi announced that the electric car it developed
jointly with China's Geely Automobile has been approved by the country's
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a result of the approval,
buyers of Kandi's car will be eligible to receive all the subsidies and
incentives that China gives to purchasers of electric vehicles, Kandi stated.
TODAY'S PRICE ACTION: In early trading, Kandi jumped $2.40, or 61%, to
$6.30. WHAT'S NOTABLE: Shares of American electric car maker Tesla (TSLA) have
surged about 65% in the last month, although the stock is down 4.5% today, to
$90.60 in early trading.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"If an Apocalypse, $TSLA solar super charging stations would function" Elon Musk

Some of the highlighted tweets of Elon Musk Amazing comments from tonight's conference call.
  1. "If society should crumple, an Apocalypse, solar super charging stations would function" Elon Musk -

Monday, June 3, 2013

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

(TSLA) Tesla Motors: Silicon Valley may have found another Steve Jobs - Heard On The Street: Overheard

Heard On The Street: Overheard
Jun 2 at 19:23
Profile hits: NONE

      [Financial Analysis and Commentary]
      Silicon Valley may have found another Steve Jobs -- and this one comes
with an even more impressive "reality distortion field."
      That evocative phrase, according to Walter Issacson's biography, described
Mr. Jobs' unusual ability to determine the future, no matter how implausible it
seemed in the present. It helped him deliver revolutionary changes to how we
listen to music and use phones and computers.
      Elon Musk's ambitions soar even higher, as was on full display during an
interview at the recent All Things D conference.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

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