Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Organovo: Blog Post Causing 17% Move - Link & Comments --->>>

Disclosure: Currently Long $ONVO -
Technical Tweet with entries-stops and $12.38 target
# [2:18:50 PM] Tim_K:  $ONVO pullbacl protecting the fig - holding trend - traps on the ask

Seeking Alpha Overnight blog post: It seems to have launched the stock - Currently has a 10% short float

Why you should sell 3-D systems and buy Organovo:

Holiday Market Volume offers rare opportunity - Stocks to watch


Today's Market volume is Light - Anemic - Trading today is like playing Like Whiffle Ball 
These are the days you really want to make sure you are ON the desk - Stocks can have extreme - moves with no resistance - Most of the algo quants - 80% of daily volume by 5% of the community - are off sking in Vale right now - thats where the lack of volume went... Last day of the year and I'm suspecting this to continue throughout the day - This reminds me of last week Christmas eve when Twitter had that spectacular run to $74

Long $ONVO from pre market levels - 3d Printers in play $CAMT $DDD $VJET
$TWTR Twitter looks solid long first day up after dropping $16 points last 2 sessions

Earlier Tweets: 
 $TWTR  $ONVO triggering entries here -  $TWTRsuspect to trade up even $5 - $65.5 short term targe
 $INVN wedging nicely here - compressing - strong impulse suspect
Seems theres a re-allocation from  $DDD &  $VJET over to  $CAMT and  $ONVO after todays blog events
$AAPL is trending nicly - leading the market  $QQQ  $SPY
 $DDD new lows and  $CAMT new highs  $ONVOhighly syuspect to trade thru $11 here
 $GALE is shifting on the 5 minute here - protecting %4 - suspect to check highs
 $DDD new lows and  $CAMT new highs  $ONVOhighly syuspect to trade thru $11 here

Monday, December 30, 2013

Twitter: Mid Day Downgrade - FAKE accounts - Fraudulent business practices

Twitter Needs to Grapple With Fake Accounts -- Market Talk
Dec 30 at 15:11

      15:11 EST - Analyst Trip Chowdhry at Global Equities Research starts
coverage of Twitter (TWTR) at equal-weight with 12-18 month target at $60,
saying " negatives outweigh the positives." TWTR's analytics platform, which
Chowdhry says makes up about 10% of revenue, "if executed well, has good future
revenue potential." However, "there are too many fake accounts and there are too
many fraudulent business practices [by businesses outside Twitter] such as
'Buying the Followers' which severely undermine the credibility and
authenticity" of the Twitter platform, and could hinder ad monetization,
Chowdhry says. TWTR off 2.1% at $62.39. (john.shipman@wsj.com)

Kandi Crush - $3.25/hr Electric Car Rentals In Every City In China

NOTE: Here are our tweets getting long $KNDI Friday AM through Today - $8.1 move extending 45 % to $12.79 in 2 sessions - Im still long an suspect this stock continues...Tim_K


Kandi Technologies January volatility elevated on sharp rally
Dec 30 at 12:41

      Kandi Technologies January call option implied volatility is at 115,
February is at 84, March is at 77, June is at 64; compared to its 26-week
average of 77 according to Track Data, suggesting large near term price

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crocs Announces Financial Partnership with Blackstone


Crocs, Inc. Announces Financial Partnership with
Blackstone, Expands Share Repurchase Plan, Announces CEO

Dec 29 at 22:00

Blackstone agrees to purchase $200 million of Convertible Preferred Stock

Share Repurchase Authorization Increased to $350 Million

John McCarvel Announces Retirement

Company Reaffirms Low End of Prior Fourth Quarter Guidance

Expects Revenue of Approximately $220 million and Loss of 23 cents per
Diluted Share

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Barron's Loves Housing - Highlights - Review & Preview

U.S. home prices are climbing again, but at more measured rates than during the last boom. Why the housing cycle still has room to run.

Staple stocks good insurance for a downswing, Barron's says
Staple stocks such as Wal-Mart (WMT), Procter & Gamble (PG), and Coca-Cola
(KO) are a good defensive bet against the risk of a market downswing, according
to Barron's "Streetwise" column.

Coca-Cola could rise 20% or more in 2014, Barron's contends
 After two years of relative underperformance, Coca-Cola's (KO) stock could
rise 20% or more in 2014 due to expected growth in both earnings and revenue, as
well as a rising dividend 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Interesting spin from the WSJ Blog on Twitters Downgrade - Full Story

Macquarie Group Home    

Twitter Downgraded: 'Nothing Has Changed...to
Justify the Rise in Valuation' -- WSJ Blog
Dec 27 at 10:20

      (This story was published by The Wall Street Journal Online's MoneyBeat
blog at http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/)
      By Steven Russolillo
      Twitter Inc.'s high-flying stock has gone too far, too fast.
      That view comes courtesy of Macquarie Equities Research, which cut its
rating on the microblogging site Friday morning to underperform from neutral,
while maintaining its $46 price target.
      The catalyst for the firm's downgrade is simple: Twitter hasn't done
anything to justify nearly tripling since last month's IPO.
      "We believe nothing has changed the fundamentals to justify the sharp rise
in shares over the past few weeks," Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter wrote to
clients, while adding that the one-page research note may be "among the shortest
downgrade notes you've ever read."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NHTSA Reaffirms Model S 5-Star Safety - Full Tesla Press Release

Press Release: NHTSA Reaffirms Model S 5-Star Safety
Rating in All Categories for Model Year 2014
Dec 23 at 16:57
Profile hits: QU4

      NHTSA Reaffirms Model S 5-Star Safety Rating in All Categories for Model
Year 2014
      PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 23, 2013) - The National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reaffirmed the 5-star safety rating of the
Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model S overall and in all subcategories for Model Year
2014, confirming the highest safety rating in America. While Tesla is awaiting
feedback from NHTSA regarding their investigation of recent fire incidents, the
German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), recently
concluded its review of the incidents, finding no manufacturer-related defects
or need for further action.

Small Float, Shorts Seen Helping Fuel Twitter - WSJ

Small Float, Shorts Seen Helping Fuel Twitter -- Market Talk
Dec 24 at 07:36
Profile hits: NONE

      7:36 EST - As Twitter (TWTR) shares increasingly defy Wunderlich's bearish
stance on the company's valuation, the investment bank admits, "It appears
valuation metrics are irrelevant and that investors are betting aggressively on
Twitter being the next great media-technology platform." Shares have more than
doubled from the $26 IPO price last month, including a 55% pop in December
that's include six 5%-plus daily climbs and only 5 down days. Wunderlich says
TWTR's small float (just 11% of fully diluted shares are currently tradeable)
and 22% of that float being held short as of Black Friday "is creating a
significant leveraging effect" on the stock. All told, "$5.2B of public
investor capital" is supporting TWTR's $46B market cap.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guess who made Barron's? Full Cover Story

Flashback Note: I can remember the glory days back in the late 80's, when Stratton Oakmont was considered by many in my home town (Massapequa Park N.Y.) to be the premiere place to work and prosper at. Hanging around FOXES night club watching 23 yr old college dropouts pull in in brand new Porches, Lotus Esprit's, Rovers etc - 55 ft sea-ray's at Conscious Point, South Hampton with models and bottles falling off the bow...I recall it well as was one of the few in my crowd who didn't register.  I suspect I may have been considered one of the coat-tailers, but I tagged along invited and partied with the rest of them in disbelief.

Looking back now 25 years later very few of them are still in the industry, and not by choice. I estimate 90% had arbitration that led to being barred from trading US Securities. 

The few I know still registered are some of the most talented brokers I know (couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag) but they could sell an Eskimo an Igloo all day long. 

In a recent interview, Jordan Belfort the CEO played by Leo DiCaprio, Boasts he brainwashed the brokers that "lying was their fiduciary duty"...The one credit I can give him is that he brought Steve Madden Shoes public, which still currently trades and is the only company they brought public that didn't go belly up. (Madden spent a chunk of time in jail as well for his shenanigans) Currently Belfort has only made 10 million of 100 million in restitution owed...Tim_K

Good Film, Extremely Bad Wolf -- Barron's
Dec 21 at 00:09

By Farran Smith Nehme

      (FROM BARRON'S 12/23/13)
      Director Martin Scorsese has spent a sizable chunk of his career exploring
the world of gangsters, from Mean Streets to Goodfellas to Casino to Gangs of
New York to The Departed. And he has found the perfect man to extend his
gangster chronicle in Jordan Belfort, the charismatic penny-stock swindler
behind Stratton Oakmont and the central figure in Scorsese's new film, "The Wolf
of Wall Street." After a sizzling seven-year run, Stratton Oakmont imploded in
the 1990s, costing investors more than $300 million.

Friday, December 20, 2013

BlackBerry up 6% on Deal with Foxconn

BlackBerry on Conference Call (Stock Price: 6.25)
Dec 20 at 08:48

      Say very interested in trying to have its end on OIS and Android.Foxconn-
it is selling handsets in a joint agreement; says both them and Foxconn will
sell it with revenue flowing thru to BBRY; this relationship is for the BB10;
hardware design will be a joint development with it and FoxConn; first joint
product is expected to come out March, April timeframe. Probably more April than
March; will be the 83G device; will focus in Asian region at the beginning.
Asked about sub count: says there is some volatility to the number; says last
couple of quarters it has been consistent and would use that low to mid teens
decline as a model... expects conversion rates to pick up moving
forward.Reiterates it has over $3 bln in cash which it believes will allow it
to turnaround the co..Going to focus on doing secure end-to-end offerings on
mobile computing and productivity suites.In touch with VZ, T, and VOD; says they
are interested in it's enterprise segment; on retail side they are still working
on relationships, not able to provide a lot of color on that, says will take
time.For foreseeable future designer in N. America will focus on handset only;
says this does not mean over the long term it will get back into the consumer
space; until it gets it financials on solid footing it will focus on the one set
and allow for FoxConn to develop the other models; wants FoxConn to do more
hardware while BBRY focuses on software.

Massive Price Target Upgrades on Red Hat

9 Upgrades!  That's impressive

$RHT Red Hat --- RBC Capital Mkts Reiterated OUTPERFORM - Price Target: 64 (from 60)
$RHT Red Hat --- Mizuho Reiterated BUY - Price Target: 60 (from 58) Dec 20 at 09:44
$RHT Red Hat --- BMO Capital Markets Reiterated OUTPERFORM - Price Target: 62 (from 55)
$RHT Red Hat --- Needham Reiterated BUY - Price Target: 66 (from 60) Dec 20 at 09:44
$RHT Red Hat --- Stifel Reiterated BUY - Price Target: 63 (from 60) Dec 20 at 09:43
$RHT Analyst Actions: Red Hat Upgraded to Outperform at Raymond James, PT at  $59; Shares Jump 13% Pre Bell 
$RHT Red Hat price target raised to  $60 from  $55 at Maxim
$RHT Red Hat reported very good Q3 results, says Wells Fargo
$RHT Red Hat upgraded to Buy from Neutral at UBS

Long $RHT Red-hat from $56.9 - $$59-$61 intraday price targets

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Facebook Looks to Capitalize on S&P 500 Inclusion -- WSJ Blog

Facebook Looks to Capitalize on S&P 500 Inclusion -- WSJ Blog
Dec 19 at 10:28

      (This story was published by The Wall Street Journal Online's MoneyBeat
blog at http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/)
      By Matt Jarzemsky
      Facebook Inc. and the insiders selling in the company's stock offering
Friday are seizing on the the social-media firm's inclusion in the S&P 500 stock
      Earlier this month, S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that Facebook would
join the S&P 500, the benchmark gauge for U.S. stocks, effective after Friday's
close. As a result, index-tracking funds that follow the S&P 500 will need to
buy Facebook's shares at that time.
      The company along with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and director Marc Andreessen
are offering shares "primarily to index funds whose portfolios are primarily
based on stocks included in the S&P 500 index," according to a prospectus for
the deal.

Facebook Launches First Secondary Offering - WSJ

Facebook Launches First Secondary Offering -- Market Talk
Dec 19 at 06:32
Profile hits: NONE

      6:32 EST - Not as if Facebook (FB) is cash poor, but it's selling 27M
Class A shares while CEO Mark Zuckerberg will offer 41.4M, largely "to satisfy
taxes that he will incur upon the receipt of" 60M shares of Class B shares from
exercising options. His personal voting power will drop to 56% from 59% after
the sale, which also includes venture capitalist and board member Marc
Andreessen selling 36% of his stake. Zuckerberg's voting power will also be
curbed fractionally more after an 18M-share stock gift he intends to make this
month. But he remains by proxy in control of another 6.9% of FB shares, which
will drop to 6.7% after the sale--coming after the stock has doubled since July
following an inauspicious first year. FB falls 3.1% premarket to $53.86.

$FB Facebook Down $2 or 5% pre Market - No Position

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bull is Back! Market Rallies on Taper Talks

Market Recap: After a initial sell-off of the markets on the FED taper headline, we reversed course and rallied extensively. We had mentioned at length in the AM meeting, and the pre fed meeting how the first move is typically the wrong move. When the initial Taper headline came out, we impulsed down sharply straight through lows. At that point it seemed obvious we were not going down much further and had the scenario for a reversal.

We started calling out longs, and basically a rising tide raised ALL ships and we had out biggest up day in quite a while. Gold which was up sharply earlier has 180 degree reversal and closed on lows - and looks lower short term

Earlier online trading room post at 3pm seen below  http://tos.cc/8k8x6r
Classic intraday chart showing 1st move is the wrong move on Fed day seen here  $ES_F  $SPY $QQQ >>>

Markets ended closing up 1.85 in the S&P and Dow, The Nasdaq ended up 1.15%. This is after we dropped 15 points on the SP initial. So the total range for the day is significant. Around 2.5%!

This is a solid indicator for stocks for the rest of the year and the fist quarter next year.

Overnight Longs:
$F Ford
$CCL - Has earnings tomorrow am
$VNDA - Expecting FDA approval 1/31/13