Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pre Earnings Recap - $AMZN $GOOG on Deck

Pre Market Meeting - Facebook Mass Upgrades

Facebook: The Penguins are lining up!

$FB Facebook has over 15 upgrades and I'm still counting. I still cant get over that they actually pay these analyst to do nothing. I would have such respect if they would man up and put their brass on the line just once prior to the report. I been pounding the table on $FB for the last quarter. I'm a small business man and even I'm buying add space.  $TWTR Twitter is next week and I expect the same. I'm taking a stand and I suspect ALL TIME HIGHS in that name as well after its report. $FB $80-100 by next quarter I suspect. Its evolutionary - Even the WSJ below says it's the new newspaper. 1 in 12 people on this planet use $FB give or take a 100 mil or so. Thanks for checking and have a great day trading

Pre Market Meeting - Facebook Mass Upgrades

Analyst Actions: Wedbush Raises Facebook PT to $80 on EPS
Beat, Shares Jump 18% Pre Bell

Facebook --- Raymond James Reiterated OUTPERFORM - Price Target:
71 (from 63)

Born Online, Facebook Now Wants to Be Your 'Paper' -- WSJ Blog

Facebook target raised to $75 at CRT Capital following
strong results (Stock Price: 53.53)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yahoo technical notes ahead of earnings

Yahoo sees Q1 revenue ex-TAC $1.06B-$1.1B, consensus $1.08B.
Jan 28 at 16:14
Profile hits: NONE

      Sees Q1 non-GAAP operating income $130M-$170M and adjusted EBITA

 Yahoo! Inc. Reports Q4 EPS of  $0.46 vs  $0.38 Est; Revenue of  $1.20B vs  $1.20B Est

By Fly On The Wall
Yahoo technical notes ahead of earnings
Jan 28 at 15:30

      The company reports tonight after the close. Ahead of results, there are a
few technical notes of worth to mention. In the last three months, the stock is
up over 13%, even taking into account a decline in recent weeks from the 52-week
high at $41.72. The dip recently suggests caution into earnings. The shares
have been big out-performers, up more than 80% in the last year. Tonight's
results may test the honeymoon phase with CEO Mayer. On positive results,
guidance, or other news favorable to shareholders, it is probable the big test
would be at the 52-week high. Above that the next big resistance area is at
$43.45, a prior pivot high in 2005. A negative result on the same metrics
above on an increasing scale of disappointment could see $36.65, $35.06, and
$32.06 as supports that may be tested. The latter level is the pivot from
November of last year, from which the shares rallied sharply. There is a
moderate short-base in the name at 3.4% of the float short, which is essentially

Pre Market Meeting - $AAPL 10 Downgrades (+playlist)

Apple: Ten Downgrades So Far on Horrible Quarterly's

Apple target lowered to $570 at Canaccord Genuity
following earnings

AAPL: Downgrade - JAGNote by Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Apple Cut to Outperform From Strong Buy by Raymond James AAPL

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Apple Reports Monday - Facebook Google Amazon on Deck

One of my top three favorite stocks to trade is reporting this week. $FB Facebook on Wednesday after the bell, expecting .27c/share. Last quarter the stock traded up after the numbers but gave it all back during the conference call. The hoodie should really have someone else cover it, as his #'s speak better than he does. I will be in the online trading room late covering and trading the call.   $AAPL Apple reports Monday after the bell and they are expecting a whopping $14.09 per share. This should be an interesting event considering all the recent headlines with Ichan and the market sell off last week.  Other notable names are $GOOG, $AMZN, $V, $MA and $INVN. $YHOO reports on Wednesday after the bell

This is definitely the peak week as you can see how incredibly long the calendar below is. With recent excessive market weakness and the majority of the S&P 500 reporting this week - I'm expecting an overwhelming amount of overnight gaps, post and pre market inefficiencies providing opportunities.

A quick reminder we have extended ALL prior guest passes to access the room through January.
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Thanks for checking, have a good week trading....Tim_K

Earnings Announcements for Monday, January 27
TimeAdd to My
Air T IncAIRTN/ATime Not SuppliedAdd
AlarmForce Industries IncAF.TON/ATime Not SuppliedAdd
Alkermes PlcALKS0.2Time Not SuppliedAdd
Alliance Fiber Optic Products IncAFOP0.32Time Not SuppliedAdd
American Electric Power Company IncAEP0.56Before Market OpenAdd
Anglo Pacific Group PLCAPF.LN/ATime Not SuppliedAdd
Apple IncAAPL14.09After Market CloseAdd

Three Barron's Stocks to Watch Monday

$NFLX: Bulls will continue to bet on Netflix, Barron's says
Jan 25 at 14:14
       As long as Netfilx continues to deliver on subscriber additions, bulls

will keep betting on it, Barron's contends in its Technology Trader column.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Earnings Stocks to Watch after the bell

# [3:04:58 PM] Tim_K: Earnings Stocks to watch tonight after the bell
# [3:04:59 PM] Tim_K: E*TRADE Financial Corp ETFC 0.19 After Market Close Add
# [3:05:08 PM] Tim_K: Juniper Networks Inc JNPR 0.37 After Market Close Add
# [3:05:21 PM] Tim_K: Microsoft Corp $MSFT 0.68 After Market Close Add
# [3:05:33 PM] Tim_K: Starbucks Corp $SBUX 0.69 After Market Close Add Listen
# [3:06:28 PM] Tim_K: $TWTR goes green as suspected with the markets down 1%
# [3:08:50 PM] Tim_K $TSLA back above  $180 after the earlier WSJ piece

Blackberry $BBRY selling off sharply - Full Verge Post

Disclosure: We Flatt-end out of $BBRY earlier today due to lack of movement

Pentagon: No new orders have been placed for BlackBerry
devices, The Verge says
Jan 23 at 12:42
Profile hits: NONE

      The Department of Defense last week said it would launch a new mobile
network utilizing smartphones, tablets and other electronics, adding that it
supports 80,000 BlackBerry smartphones. The Verge says that the Pentagon did not
purchase 80,000 new BlackBerry smartphones, and says "Absolutely no new orders
have been placed for new BB devices. The DISA press release put out Jan. 16
never alluded to any devices being purchased. The 80,000 BBs and 1,800 non-BB
devices referenced in the release are legacy systems already in DoD
inventories." [Reference

Tesla $TSLA: Full Wall Street Journal Blog Post

Tesla has been going straight up since this headline hours ago: Tesla Motors: BofA/Merrill reiterating cautious stance on $TSLA; concerns over pricing in China - making NEW highs with the market down over a 1% and making new lows - SOLID Relative strength - Long $TSLA....Thanks for checking....Tim_K

Why Tesla's $121,000 Model S price in China makes business sense
Jan 23 at 12:25

By Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times

      Jan. 23--Tesla Motors said it would sell the big battery version of its
Model S electric sports sedan in China for about $121,000. While that's an
eye-popping number to American car shoppers, it actually represents a
restrained, strategic approach for the Palo Alto automaker.
      The starting price of the Model S with the 85 kWh battery pack will be
$81,070 -- the same as in the U.S. About $36,000 in Chinese tariffs and
taxes, and another $4,000 to ship the car across the Pacific Ocean make up the

Stocks we are Watching in the Online Trading Room $EBAY $BBRY $SNDK $NFLX $TWTR $FB $TSLA $MSFT

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ebay - Sandisk - Netflix - Top Watch Earnings Stocks Tonight

Earnings names were watching in the Online Trading Room tonight 

# [3:27:16 PM] Tim_K $BBRY creeping highs
# [3:33:00 PM] Tim_KeBay Inc $EBAY 0.8 After Market Close
# [3:33:07 PM] Tim_KF5 Networks Inc $FFIV 1.19 4:05 pm ET
# [3:33:15 PM] Tim_KNetflix Inc $NFLX 0.66 After Market Close
# [3:33:28 PM] Tim_KSanDisk Corp $SNDK 1.57 After Market Close
# [3:33:54 PM] Tim_KADTRAN Inc $ADTN 0.14 Time Not Supplied
# [3:34:10 PM] Tim_KWestern Digital Corp $WDC 2.07 After Market Close
 [4:01:50 PM] Tim_K $NFLX Netflix prelim  $0.79 vs  $0.64 Capital IQ Consensus Estimate; revs  $1.18 bln vs  $1.17 bln Capital IQ Consensus Estimate
# [4:05:17 PM] vroman $SNDK is out
# [4:06:16 PM] vromanSanDisk Corporation Reports Q4 EPS of  $1.71 vs  $1.57 Est; Revenue of  $1.73B vs  $1.70B Est
# [4:15:48 PM] Tim_KCarl Ichan intrested in  $EBAY
# [4:15:56 PM] Tim_KNominated 2 directors
# [4:15:57 PM] vroman $ebay is a breakout on the weekly chart, could be a buy here
# [4:16:09 PM] vromaneBay Inc. Reports Q4 EPS of  $0.81 vs  $0.63 Est; Revenue of  $4.50B vs  $3.90B Est
# [4:16:15 PM] vromanthats a BLOWOUT
# [4:16:40 PM] vromaneBay Announces  $5B Buyback Plan
# [4:16:52 PM] Tim_KeBay Announces It Has Received A Notice From Carl Icahn >EBAY Jan 22 at 16:16

# [4:17:10 PM] Tim_KeBay reports Q4 adjusted EPS 81c, consensus 80c Jan 22 at 16:15 Profile hits: NONE Reports Q4 revenue  $4.53B, consensus  $4.54B.
# [4:22:29 PM] vromanF5 Networks, Inc. Reports Q1 EPS of  $1.22vs  $1.19 Est; Revenue of  $406.50M vs  $396.33M Est

Ichan Tweets Buying Apple is a "NO Brainer"

# [10:42:07 AM] Tim_K $AAPL Ichan buys more
# [10:42:13 AM] Tim_Kup to over 3 billion
# [10:43:23 AM] Tim_K $AAPL Apple: Carl Icahn tweet says that he has been accumulating AAPL shares since August 13; reiterates it is a 'no brainer'
# [10:45:42 AM] Tim_KHaving purchased  $500 million more  $AAPL shares in the last two weeks, our investment has crossed the  $3 billion mark yesterday.
# [10:45:49 AM] Tim_KSince tweeting about our large position in  $AAPL on Aug 13, when the stock was 468 per share, we’ve kept buying shares of this ‘no brainer.’

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On The Wire -$TSLA Looks to Take Highs - Mid Day Re-cap (+playlist)

Tesla Headlines - Recall Headline Imminent

Three of the headlines streaming on Tesla $TSLA today are below and they all make for interesting reading - We called out long entries shortly after the bell in the room today at the $173 level.   $175.83 later on the 5 minute shift after consolidating the up even $5 level over $175 was an entry as well. I'm looking to stay involved as I suspect when this headline hits on the recall, that it will be cleared. I'm suspicious it will eclipse all time highs soon, well before its earnings release February 15th.... I purchased it after a 5 minute shift last week at $146 and sold it first day down $24 points higher at $170 - Thursday last week. Now I'm buying it aggressively $3-$6 points higher today - If you cant get it - You WANT it as the old saying goes...Currently LONG

Tesla's Musk battles recall, Bloomberg reports
Jan 21 at 07:27

      Telsa Motors CEO Elon Musk is battling with the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration over the car's safety following battery fires, reports
Bloomberg. Last year, the NHTS began investigating battery fires in the Tesla
Model S sedan and then it listed as a recall Tesla?s steps to reduce fire risks
during recharging. Musk is fighting the recall to prove the cars aren't
dangerous. But he risks tangling with a regulator that could force alterations
or fine the company for not reporting what it considers safety defects.

On The Wire -$BBRY up 10% - Pre Market Meeting (+playlist)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blackberry Opens Up 20% on the Toronto Exchange

BlackBerry Surges on Continued Pentagon Dominance

BlackBerry Ltd. (BB) surged the most in more than three years after the U.S. Department of Defense said the company’s smartphones will account for 98 percent of devices in one of its new networks.
About 80,000 BlackBerrys and 1,800 phones and tablets based on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iOS software and Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android operating system will start being hooked up to the Department of Defense’s management system at the end of this month, the Defense Information Systems Agency said in astatement last week.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stacked Earnings Calendar - $MSFT $SBUX $EBAY $NFLX $FFIV $AMD

BIG week for earnings stocks. Highlighted in bold below are the keys names we will be watching in the room this week. This is one of my favorite times of the quarter to trade as there are many tradeable names reporting. These names will surely create inefficient gaps, and momentum trends in the post markets.

Its a very big week for large cap Seminconductors, which I shy away from as they have a habit of doing the opposite of what they report. Typically you run into priced in events that trade contra to how they report.

$MSFT and $SBUX are definitly top watches later in the week on Thursday along with $JNPR. Online trading companies such as $ETFC and $AMTD report. I'm interested to see as that's a good market indicator to see if the public is in or out of the market.

To log in for live video commentary - simply click this link for a FREE guest pass for the rest of January! TimKCorp All former registrants have had their guest passes extended for the remainder of the month. Thanks for checking... Tim_K

Earnings Announcements for Monday, January 20
TimeAdd to My
Access National CorpANCX0.24Time Not SuppliedAdd
Allocate Software PLCALL.LN/ABefore Market OpenAdd
American National Bankshares IncAMNB0.49Time Not SuppliedAdd
American River BanksharesAMRB0.1Time Not SuppliedAdd
Anglo Pacific Group PLCAPF.LN/ATime Not SuppliedAdd
Arrow Financial CorpAROW0.43Time Not SuppliedAdd

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mid Day Recap _ $TSLA $FB Top Watch's

$TSLA Tesla RIPS $12 - Thumbs its Finger at Wall St

# [11:42:03 AM] Baron $TSLA flying
# [11:46:20 AM] Tim_Knice
# [11:46:48 AM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla Reports 6,900 4Q Deliveries, 20% Above Guidance >TSLA Jan 14 at 11:42
# [11:48:09 AM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla Motors Issues Recall on Certain 2013 Model S Vehicles as Adapter, Cord or Wall Outlet Could Overheat >TSLA
# [11:48:31 AM] BaronUnreal tgood news coming out. 7 new charging stations in last 2 days.
# [11:48:39 AM] Tim_K $TSLA  $TSLA Tesla Motors Issues Recall on Certain 2013 Model S Vehicles as Adapter, Cord or Wall Outlet Could Overheat >TSLA
# [11:49:11 AM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla Motors: Spike being attributed to headline that co delivered 6900 cares in Q4 according to Bloomberg
# [11:49:22 AM] Baron => Tim_Knot a big event.
# [11:52:16 AM] Tim_Knah
# [11:52:28 AM] Tim_Kgood call
# [11:52:39 AM] Tim_Khope you got more stock while it was down there
# [11:56:05 AM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla Motors upisde delivery guidance reportedly coming from VP at Detroit Auto Show
# [11:56:42 AM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla To Double Sales, Service Locations In 2014 >TSLA
# [12:29:45 PM] Tim_K $TSLA dips  $5 and goes right back to highs
# [12:42:30 PM] Baron => Tim_Kif you think this is nuts wait until NTSB ruling is announced.
# [12:57:13 PM] Tim_K $TSLA Tesla Motors: Hearing R.W. Baird upgrading TSLA to Overweight

On The Wire - Stocks To Watch

# [8:46:37 AM] Tim_KGM 01-14-14 S&P Futures up 3.5 at  $1818.75
# [9:05:16 AM] Tim_K $GALE Galena price target raised to  $11 from  $7 at Roth Capital Jan 13 at 08:44
# [9:05:20 AM] Tim_Knew pre mkt highs
# [9:05:43 AM] Tim_K $GALE Galena price target raised to  $9 from  $6 at Maxim Jan 8 at 08:54
# [9:07:37 AM] Tim_K $GALE Galena price target raised to  $7 from  $2.75 at Piper Jaffray Jan 7 at 13:22
# [9:07:59 AM] izzy741im still long  $GALE from yesterday
# [9:08:08 AM] Tim_Ki may buy it here
# [9:18:22 AM] Baron $TSLA news conference from the Detroit Auto Show today.
# [9:19:01 AM] Tim_KLong  $GALE pre market - small

Monday, January 13, 2014

On The Wire - Mid Day Recap

On the Wire - Stocks to Watch - Pre Market Meeting

On the Wire - Stocks to Watch

$GOOG Google price target raised to $1,220 from $1,067  at Oppenheimer
Jan 13 at 08:08
$LULU lululemon price target lowered to $76 from $87 at RW Baird
Jan 13 at 08:07
Profile hits: QU2 
$TWTR Twitter price target raised to $65 from $46 at Goldman
Jan 13 at 07:30
$GALE Galena price target raised to $11 from $7  at Roth Capital
Jan 13 at 08:44
$FFIV F5 Networks Raised to Outperform From Mkt Perform by William
Blair >FFIV
$RSOL up .30c pre market - - having a inverstor conference tommorow
$BLDP - watching in sympathy w $PLUG
$DDD 3 D printer stocks in play Monday. Deutsche Bank out with bullish commentary. $VJET  $CAMT  $ONVO

Sunday, January 12, 2014

You Don't Get a Billion Friends w/o Making a Few Enemies

10 Years ago yesterday - January 11th, 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg registers the domain name with network solutions from his Harvard dorm room - Where were you?

I can remember I was taking a year off from the markets after the dot-com bubble crash. Valeting cars at Jackson Gore Inn at Okemo Vt. which was one of the most humbling years of my life. My thoughts on Facebook are as follows.

I first setup a social media profile in 2005 on My-Space - before abandoning it for Facebook.This seemed to be the trend that every other person past college was doing.

When it went public in I was suspicious as there were private equity guys all over the place offering pre- IPO stock. I learned a long long time ago from one of my first mentors (Jeffrey T Wilson the founder of Broadway Trading r.i.p.) If you can get stock - you DON'T want it. This old school saying typically holds true when it comes to IPO's and secondary offerings..