Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five Day Essential Equities Trading Curriculum

Last Quarter's Archive Available - Recorded in February
Time: 60-90 minutes per session

Five Day Essential Equities Trading Curriculum 

The course offers in-depth topic reviews and pointers, and Tim will be using trading simulations to review recent events in the markets and how they pertain to these fundamental topics. If you are a beginner or even a seasoned veteran trader, don't miss this rare opportunity to review these essential topics that apply to most successful traders in our constantly evolving, dynamic market. 
Topics to be covered include:

Day 1: Equities Trading Introduction
* TimKCorps Trading's approach
* Realistic time frames and goals
* Determining if this is suitable for you
* Designing a realistic game plan
* Probation period required

Day 2: Understanding Risk
* Defining trade-ability
* Defining risk as it relates to your equity
* Identifying the three basic types of trading
* Defining your style
* Building a game plan

Day 3: Chart Patterns Analysis
* Differentiating various chart patterns
* Volume analysis
* Trend analysis
* Trend trading rules
* Gap strategies
* Identifying technical triggers
* Basics of Fibonacci analysis

Day 4: Trading Rules & Risk
* Trading management
* Rules for identifying risk before entering a trade
* Building arguments
* Risk as it relates to the strength of your arguments
* Scalping rules

Day 5: Discipline & Trading Psychology 
* Difference between successful and unsuccessful traders
* Two key requirements for success
* Introduction to the Juggernaut Trading Room
* Advanced P101 & P102 curriculum introduction
* Recap - Q&A 

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