Friday, December 3, 2010

Free advice from Jon Blaze to one of the traders in the Juggernaut Room

 JonBlaze: john, i just read your question regarding letting a position go negative on you. here are my thoughts on it, which are slightly different than ben's.  bear in mind, ben's approach to stops as a news trader is inherently different b/c if he's right in his initial assessment a position won't go against him. at all. here's my approach:  before i enter a position i quantify my risk and my potential reward. if  the risk/reward ratio is acceptable, at least 2:1 but preferably 4:1+, then i'll place the trade and hold until my targets are achieved or i get stopped. one or the other. i.e. if i'm risking 50 cents to make 2 bucks, and i'm up 20 cents on the trade i don't consider myself "up on the trade" and don't obsess over the potential "loss of profit" if i go negative b/c the trade is nowhere near doing anything for me yet.  you have to let your trades work. respect your stops, but be patient and view everything in the context of the risk reward parameters you establish b4 u enter.

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