Sunday, July 1, 2012

Barclays Chairman To Step Down - Barron's Says - Stocks to Watch Monday

(RIMM) Research In Motion: Bloomberg discusses that recent declines in RIMM share price may pressure management to sell company (article dated Friday after close) (Stock Price: 7.38)

(BCS) Chairman of Barclays set to exit, FT says Jul 1 at 15:09 The Chairman of Barclay's
(BCS) Marcus Agius is ready to resign amidst criticism from the price-fixing of interbank lending rates,
(GPS) Barron's (7/2) A Return Visit To Earlier Stories: Why Wall Street Loves Gap's Style
(F) Ford: there is plenty for patient investors to like, Barron's says
(RCL) Royal Caribbean Cruises could see smoother sailing next year, Barron's contends
(LAZ) Lazard's shares could head back toward their highs, Barron's says Jul 1 at 14:52
(HCA) Obamacare: insurers like Aetna attractive, drug/device makers not, Barron's says


Falling Star

The Chinese economy is slowing and is likely to slow a lot more. Get ready for a hard landing.

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