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Barron's Recap - Stocks To Trade Monday

(YOKU) Youku - Barron's(8/20) Asian Trader: Beware Of China's Youtube

Bargain hunters browsing China's Internet seemed to have found a new favorite lately. Youku, an online video portal that has been hailed as the YouTube of China, made its New York debut in December 2010 and has already filled its short history with much drama. The Beijing company's American depositary shares (ticker: YOKU) swiftly doubled in early 2011, only to lose three-quarters of their value just as swiftly. Shares rebounded early this year but have since corrected more than 40%.
Besides user-generated content, it also has a licensed professional library of more than 2,700 movies, 2,111 television series, and more than 610 variety shows. It's attracting investors as well as viewers, and a quarter of its $2.2 billion market cap is cash.

(GRPN) Groupon -  Barron's(8/20) A Return Visit To Earlier Stories: Next Stop
For Battered Groupon: $3?

Warns Sena, who now has a $3 price target on Groupon: "Once your business shows decline, then you're paying out more to merchants from a business that was bigger 60 days ago then it is today."  So, despite its bargain-basement price, the stock looks like a bad bargain to us.
Groupon's famed deals have lost their buzz. None more than the $700 million stock offering that it made to investors last November. The IPO valued Groupon at $13 billion; as of Friday, the company was worth just $3 billion. The shares (ticker: GRPN) fell 36% last week alone, closing at $4.75, after Groupon reported that billings for the second quarter had fallen 5% from the level three months earlier.
The most surprising -- and concerning -- news in its second-quarter results was a growing reliance on "Groupon Goods," a direct-sales unit that brings the coupon pioneer precariously close to the likes of (AMZN).

(ING)  ING Groep Barron's(8/20) European Trader: Trimmer ING Should Attract More Stares

ING, which has a market capitalization of more than 22 billion euros, is making progress with the disposals but is being hindered by instability in financial markets. ING's shares -- its American depositary receipts trade in New York (ticker: ING) -- can easily add 20% or more in the next 12 months if the
divestitures are

Should Mark Zuckerberg Step Down As CEO Of Facebook?

Oh noes!!
As stock drops faster than a coed's panties on a booze cruise, industry insiders wonder why Mark Zuckerberg isn't inviting shareholders to "Facebook Event: My resignation."
One industry researcher thinks Zuck's unsinkable ship might be heading toward a metaphorical iceberg!
If the CEO wants to keep the company afloat he must change course, or possibly captains, immediately.
He said:
"There is a growing sense that Mark Zuckerberg, talented though he may be, is in over his hoodie as CEO of a multibillion-dollar public company. While in many cases a company founder can, and does, grow into the job, things are happening so quickly that there is precious little time here for Zuckerberg to do that."
We love when corporate bigwigs use puns — in over his hoodie? HIGHlarious! — a but is a call for Mark to step down premature?
Facebook stock closed under $20 bucks a share yesterday. That's less than HALF of what they were worth during the company's initial public offering!
A different analyst offered his opinion on how the shareholders must feel.
He said:
"This was the most anticipated IPO in many years and it was like an exploding cigar. Every investor thought they were about to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and they had this blow up in their face."
It gets worse!!
A senior managing director at a company offering investment strategies said:
"His behavior is what I would expect of someone his age — the hoodies and everything else. He's trying to appeal to his audience instead of being responsible to his investors. His job now is to run the company."
Is the criticism fair or are the haters hating they aren't a 28 year-old genius with $12.1 billion bucks in their bank account?

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