Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Juggernaut Trading's Essential Equities FREE Webinar"

Juggernau​t Trading's Essential Equities Webinar

Nov 7 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm ET


Tim will be providing a topic review for his 5 Day Live "Essential Equities Trading Course" given during live market trading hours November 12th through 16th. In Depth Topic reviews and pointers will be given covering the course content listed below. Tim will be using live trading simulations to review recent events in the markets and how they pertain to these essential fundamental topics. If your beginner or even a seasoned veteran trader don't miss this rare opportunity to review these essential topics that apply to most successful traders in our constantly evolving dynamic market.

Tim Kelleher has been in the middle of the electronic securities trading industry for the past two decades. Beginning at Instinet in 1992, Tim moved on to Broadway Trading in 1997 where he became a full-time trader. Trading with the Boca Raton Broadway "SOES Bandits", Tim developed a style and eye for momentum trading and scalping. Over the years Tim has founded and worked with several top trading, and trading education companies. He excels in pre-market trading events, as well as trading morning gaps and opening inefficiencies. Tim is also versed in and employs intra-day trending trades, capitulation trades, fundamental news trading, and technical analysis-based trades. In almost 20 years of trading, Tim has extensive experience with most types of profitable trading styles.

Tim is a registered Legend Trading LLC Associated Person and Affinity Trading Institute Contributor


Tim Kelleher |o 212 344 5747 x 3502 | Tim@AffinityTrading.com | AIM isldtradr04

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