Tuesday, June 18, 2013

$AAPL: Apple Computer New York Times Article

JAGNote by The New York Times
Jun 18 at 06:40

      In Embattled Detroit, No Talk of Sharing Pain - The fiscal crisis in
Michigan is setting up as a gigantic clash between bondholders and city retirees
over what money Detroit has left to pay them.Albany May Tighten Rein on Banking
Consultants - Benjamin M. Lawsky, New York's superintendent of financial
services, is said to be considering invoking a state law dating back to 1892 to
crack down on the industry.More Data on Privacy, but Picture Is No Clearer -
Apple joined the list of companies that have disclosed information about
government surveillance, but many questions remain unanswered.Outside Review of
Clinical Data Finds a Spinal Treatment's Benefit Overstated - Independent
reviews of clinical trial data concluded that Infuse, a bioengineered bone
product, was not significantly better than a traditional bone graft, and that it
might pose risks.

      U.S. and Europe to Start Ambitious but Delicate Trade Talks -
As leaders announced the efforts toward a trade pact on Monday, a dispute over
whether Europe's movie industry would be protected highlighted the sensitivity
of the negotiations.European Car Sales for May Hit Lowest Level in 20 Years -
More than five years after the financial crisis arrived, European households
remain extremely reticent about big purchases like automobiles.Britain's Top
Fraud Office Aims to Add Bite to Its Bark - David Green, the director of the
Serious Fraud Office, plans to revive the agency's reputation with a criminal
investigation into the rigging of the Libor.Supreme Court Lets Regulators Sue
Over Generic Drug Deals - The justices ruled on Monday that brand-name drug
makers could face antitrust charges for paying generic competitors to keep
cheaper copies of a drug off the market.Apple Executive Defends Pricing in Case
on E-Books - Eddy Cue, a senior vice president at Apple, denied the government's
that the company was working with e-book publishers to raise prices.At
Paris Show, Some Signs of Renewed Demand for Big Jets - After years of emphasis
on smaller, single-aisle aircraft, Airbus announced a deal for 20 of its A380
superjumbo jets.

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