Sunday, August 29, 2010

Negative Weekend BP Headlines

17:44(UK) Department of Energy and Climate Change has released new guidelines on licensing of carbon capture and storage; Guidelines have been cause for concern over liability in the event carbon dioxide starting leaking - London Times
- Trade body the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, which includes oil producers BP and Shell ...more... (related CARBX FAN TAN BP RDSA.NV EWU USO )
16:45BP Admits to spending $1M a week on advertising since the Gulf spill; Article expects politicians to get up in arms again over this revelation - Telegraph (35.56, +0.14, 0.40%)
08:28BP.UK Reportedly an internal BP report of Deepwater Horizon incident finds engineers misread pressure test results before explosion
- Reportedly the report, which has not been publicly released, shows that on April 20th BP employees... (35.56, +0.14, 0.40%) more... (related RIG APC HAL OIH )

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