Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome back Ben Erichsen

Please be advised Ben Erichsen will be broadcasting live from the Juggernaut Trading daily from 3:45 till 4:30 or 5 depending on the amount of news flow.This is the slowest part of the quarter and its summer the he will be broadcasting briefly for now. His broadcast last till 5:15 typically in peak earnings season also depending on news event frequency. Please see the following brief description on Ben below, feel free to log in and ask questions.

BEN ERICHSEN:  Ben has been trading daily for 8 years and has yet to have an unprofitable month.
The one time head trader of Redwood Trading Miami, Ben has focused on fundamental and news-
based trading for the past 6 years. His style is to read corporate press releases and to enter trades
quickly, before the ensuing reaction moves the stock. Ben has turned a initial investment of $65,000
into $3,000,000.

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