Monday, June 9, 2014

Barron's stocks were watching this morning

Apple smart watch could add $4 to EPS, Barron's says

      Apple's new "Handoff" feature in the next operating system could open the
door to a variety of wearable tech, including a smart watch, which could boost
EPS by $4, Barron's contends in its "Technology Trader" column.

Family Dollar upgraded to Buy from Hold at Jefferies
      Jefferies upgraded Family Dollar to Buy with a $79 price target after

Carl Icahn reported a 9.4% stake in the company.

Danaher shares could climb about 25%, Barron's says
      If Danaher's water treatment, petroleum services and medical diagnostics
can improve market share and if the company is able to increase acquisition
activity, shares could climb about 25% to around $95, Barron's contends in a
feature article.

Office Depot shares could jump over 50%, Barron's says
      Office Depot shares could see an increase of over 50% as revenue declines
less and as the company's cost-savings initiative becomes more apparent to
investors, Barron's contends in a feature article.

EOG Resources shares could go higher, Barron's says
      EOG Resources shares could continue to rally as oil production increases,
Barron's contends in a feature article. The company could see a 32% increase in
this year's earnings, the paper adds.

Boise Cascade is promising, undervalued housing play, Barron's says
      Boise Cascade is a promising and undervalued way to play a housing
recovery, Barron's contends in its "Sizing Up Small Caps" column. A share
buyback or dividend could boost the stock; however, those are not the only
catalysts that could drive the stock higher, the paper adds.

T-Mobile looks good, Barron's says 
      Even if the Sprint (S) deal doesn't happen, T-Mobile (TMUS) shares look
good, due to the company's no-contract wireless plans being favored by consumers
to that of AT&T (T) and Verizon Wireless' (VZ) plans, Barron's contends in a
follow up article.

Just Energy not worth the gamble, Barron's says
      Just Energy's recently lowered dividend could be safe for now, but the
stock isn't worth the gamble, Barron's argues in its "The Trader" Column.

Valeant may not be as attractive, Barron's says
      Valeant's high leverage and worsening valuation, when you take its debt
into account, are examples of problems that persist with the company, Barron's
argues in its "The Trader" column. Investors should not focus on the adjusted
figures while ignoring the company's GAAP figures, the paper adds. 

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