Sunday, June 17, 2012

S&P Futures open up $10 - Barron's Recap (NBR) Could Double

S&P Futures open up $10 points at 1347 then fill over $6 to $1340 after Greek Elections

 WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The pro-bailout New Democracy party is the projected winner of Sunday’s critical Greek parliamentary elections, increasing the probability that Greece will remain in the euro zone.

Barrons's Recap:

(NOK) Nokia could trade closer to its $1/sh in cash in months to come, Barron's say
(AAPL) Apple's iOS6 dazzles investors at developers conference, Barron's reports
(OSJ)  (TNK)  Portfolio manager Athey finds opportunity in  unpopular stocks, Barron's says
(TM) Money manager Merner sees compelling values in Japanese stocks, Barron's says
(NBR) Nabors Industries' beaten-down shares could double, Barron's contends
(PM) Russo favors companies with global reach, recognized brands, Barron's says
(DG) Dollar General's CFO sold $2.39M in stock, Barron's reports Jun 17 at 08:28
(SLB) Analysts contend that it's time to buy oil stocks again, Barron's reports

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