Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Affinity Trading Group is pleased to offer a 1-Week free trial to the:

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Fundamental News Trading:
Join us for upcoming pre announcement and earnings season news events
with our NEW Daily Fundamental News Trading Broadcast.

Broadcast will begin at 7:30 daily thru the open and again at 3:50- 5pm for the post
market session. Pre and post market fundamental news trading broadcast with
Ben Erichsen, Jon Blaze and featuring guest speaker Tim Kelleher.

About Ben Erichsen: Founded Juggernaut Trading and NewzBlitz.
(All formally contributed in the Juggernaut Trading Room)

About Tim:


The Affinity Online Trading Room (OTR) is where we apply the theoretical knowledge that is taught in our courses and labs under live market conditions. Trading is a challenge but it is even more of a challenge if done in isolation. The OTR takes you out of that isolation and opens a forum where like minded professional, intermediate and novice traders share trading concepts and ideas. Taking this notion one step further, we team our professional traders together into small groups and focus them on trading and informing the entire OTR on what they are doing within the market segment that they cover. Although the OTR is primarily focused on providing daily education and trading ideas so that our traders trading our capital can pull more profits out of the market, this service is also suitable for those trading their own private accounts.
The Online Trading Room Provides:
Daily live pre-market commentary
Daily trading research and trading signals
Live technical analysis
Full multimedia presentations
Post-market discussions and lessons
Formal trading lesson once a week

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