Sunday, June 3, 2012

Facebook isn't a scam as some investors have claimed, Barron's contends Jun 3 at 18:47

 Barron's Technology Trader columnist Tiernan Ray, says Facebook (FB) is
real, but its stock is simply way overvalued at about 60x this year's projected
profit. Thus, it's a focus of dissatisfaction and sheer confusion, Ray says.On
or around June 26, Facebook's bankers will be freed to initiate coverage of the
stock. Then we'll see just what they were whispering to some clients during the
roadshow, Ray notes. The first of a series of lock-up expirations comes in
August- bringing as many as 268M new shares to the market. If investors want to
see the impact of vastly more supply, Ray said to look at Internet coupon
purveyor, Groupon (GRPN). The stock fell 9% on Friday as the lockup expired
following its November IPO, freeing up 93% of the shares for future sale.
Groupon's now 63% below its stock's first-day close of $26.11.

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