Monday, December 30, 2013

Kandi Crush - $3.25/hr Electric Car Rentals In Every City In China

NOTE: Here are our tweets getting long $KNDI Friday AM through Today - $8.1 move extending 45 % to $12.79 in 2 sessions - Im still long an suspect this stock continues...Tim_K


Kandi Technologies January volatility elevated on sharp rally
Dec 30 at 12:41

      Kandi Technologies January call option implied volatility is at 115,
February is at 84, March is at 77, June is at 64; compared to its 26-week
average of 77 according to Track Data, suggesting large near term price

Market Chatter: Kandi Technologies Gains 16% As Positive Forbes Article Adds to
Dec 30 at 08:43


Top Tweets:  $KNDI new yearly highs w no news still - spitting $10 - long $9.38 on a chase
# [3:54:00 PM] Tim_K: Todays Tweet of the Day, just abaout a half hour ago >>>
 $KNDI Long after several tweets Friday - In at $9.39 after it ran intra day from $8.12 to $10.75
 $KNDI spun up to a high of $10.78 in the post market - Long from the earlier chase at $9.38
 $KNDI holding extended pre market pennant

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