Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Market Volume offers rare opportunity - Stocks to watch


Today's Market volume is Light - Anemic - Trading today is like playing Like Whiffle Ball 
These are the days you really want to make sure you are ON the desk - Stocks can have extreme - moves with no resistance - Most of the algo quants - 80% of daily volume by 5% of the community - are off sking in Vale right now - thats where the lack of volume went... Last day of the year and I'm suspecting this to continue throughout the day - This reminds me of last week Christmas eve when Twitter had that spectacular run to $74

Long $ONVO from pre market levels - 3d Printers in play $CAMT $DDD $VJET
$TWTR Twitter looks solid long first day up after dropping $16 points last 2 sessions

Earlier Tweets: 
 $TWTR  $ONVO triggering entries here -  $TWTRsuspect to trade up even $5 - $65.5 short term targe
 $INVN wedging nicely here - compressing - strong impulse suspect
Seems theres a re-allocation from  $DDD &  $VJET over to  $CAMT and  $ONVO after todays blog events
$AAPL is trending nicly - leading the market  $QQQ  $SPY
 $DDD new lows and  $CAMT new highs  $ONVOhighly syuspect to trade thru $11 here
 $GALE is shifting on the 5 minute here - protecting %4 - suspect to check highs
 $DDD new lows and  $CAMT new highs  $ONVOhighly syuspect to trade thru $11 here

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