Friday, December 20, 2013

BlackBerry up 6% on Deal with Foxconn

BlackBerry on Conference Call (Stock Price: 6.25)
Dec 20 at 08:48

      Say very interested in trying to have its end on OIS and Android.Foxconn-
it is selling handsets in a joint agreement; says both them and Foxconn will
sell it with revenue flowing thru to BBRY; this relationship is for the BB10;
hardware design will be a joint development with it and FoxConn; first joint
product is expected to come out March, April timeframe. Probably more April than
March; will be the 83G device; will focus in Asian region at the beginning.
Asked about sub count: says there is some volatility to the number; says last
couple of quarters it has been consistent and would use that low to mid teens
decline as a model... expects conversion rates to pick up moving
forward.Reiterates it has over $3 bln in cash which it believes will allow it
to turnaround the co..Going to focus on doing secure end-to-end offerings on
mobile computing and productivity suites.In touch with VZ, T, and VOD; says they
are interested in it's enterprise segment; on retail side they are still working
on relationships, not able to provide a lot of color on that, says will take
time.For foreseeable future designer in N. America will focus on handset only;
says this does not mean over the long term it will get back into the consumer
space; until it gets it financials on solid footing it will focus on the one set
and allow for FoxConn to develop the other models; wants FoxConn to do more
hardware while BBRY focuses on software.

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