Sunday, February 2, 2014

Local businesses hope to cash in on big game - $BWLD

Feb 2 at 07:31

By Jordan Honeycutt, Sun Journal, New Bern, N.C.

      Feb. 02--Each winter, for sports fans everywhere, the "big game" rolls
around -- the Super Bowl.
      While many have massive mega-parties, others go to their favorite pub to
watch the game.
      New Bern has had its incumbent sports bar Half-Time Pub & Grub see some
new challengers in the past few months.
      The main one being nationally recognized chain Buffalo Wild Wings, which
opened in November at the New Bern Mall.
      Andrew Rochlus, operational manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in New Bern,
said that it will be 'just another day in the park' for their staff.

      "We aren't bringing in any extra staff or anything like that. We are busy
every day here, and Sunday, even though it's the Super Bowl, we don't expect it
to be much different," Rochlus said. "The one area where we have been much
busier in is the to-go orders. We have had people calling pretty steadily for
the past two days ordering wings to pick up for parties and such."
      Rochlus said that the company's wing specials differ from location to
location but the New Bern restaurant is offering 75 wings for roughly $55.
      "We definitely expect to be slammed from the moment we open the doors
until we close them," Rochlus said. "I transferred from the Morehead City
location and this is my first Super Bowl working, but like I said, I think we
will get hit much harder on the take-out orders."
      At Half-Time, manager Alanna Gedulig mentioned they are selling 50 wings
for $36.99 and will have in-house alcohol specials.
      Gedulig also said they offered their seats for $10 per bar seat and
$40 per table.
      "It's mostly a bunch of our regulars so it turns out to be like a big
party. This year is weird because we have one guy who is a diehard Seahawks fan.
I don't recall any Broncos fans on normal game days," Gedulig said. "We sold out
of seats and tables about a week ago and we do raffles and prizes at halftime of
the game as well."
      Some of the prizes being raffled off are a big-screen, flatscreen
television, Panthers tickets and a Go-Pro camera.
      Much like Buffalo Wild Wings, Half-Time also takes take-out requests for
wings on Super Bowl Sunday.
      Both places are expecting exciting atmospheres and big days for business.

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