Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Nights Noteables - AM Headlines

 AM Headlines:


FBR on (TXN):  As mentioned earlier, tgt lowered to $36 from $39. 

(BIDU) $169.80 pre market high

Baidu.com target raised to $175 at Brean Murray

Jefferies on (BIDU): The firm reiterates a Buy rating onthe stock with a $200 price target

Baidu price target raised to $217 from $181 at Piper Jaffray

Baidu target raised to $205 from $185 at Collins Stewart

FBR on  BRCM: Raising Target - The firm has a Outperform rating and adjusted itsprice target on the shares from $48 to $50.

RBC on (BEAV) BE Aerospace target raised to $56 from $48 at RBC CapitalMkts

Rent-A-Center (RCII)
Downgraded to Hold from Buy at Stifel Nicolaus

Last Nights Notables:

3:59p 1 minute
4:06p BRCM in line - Broadcom Expects Solid Growth In Rev And Profitability In 3Q
4:07p probably around 5 Mike
4:15p BRCM compressing here
4:16p new highs BRXCM
4:21p     HXL good,     earnings
4:21p     LPS was bad but they just warned so not sure how much was expected
4:24p NFLX broke supprt levels
4:24p temp suppoer levels at 256.5
4:25p RCII decent miss this qtr, guidance was in-line-ish but there is downside in the range and that combined with the bad numbers this qtr add up to it selling off
4:31p     bidu really nice guidance
4:31p     spwra warned on margins and eps     uctt was ugly
4:32p Texas Instruments prelim $0.56 vs $0.54 Capital IQ Consensus Estimate; revs $3.46 bln vs $3.43 bln
4:32p     their guidance encompassed estimates
4:41p (T3) Tim_K:  News Source Chatter     bidu was automated this time anyway.  wasn't last time but it traded a ton in the first second all the way up to 161 and then it didn't trade again for 13 seconds when the humans came in    lol

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