Friday, July 22, 2011

"On The Wire" Headlines

AM Headlines:

7:34a (T3) Tim_K:  CAT down an even 5 after a complicated miss. into its 20 day ma

7:36a (T3) Tim_K:  The story also notes Sify's auditor KPMG declined to stand for re-election in June, and investors should be "concerned when an auditor quits.\

7:36a (T3) Tim_K:  Sify Technologies Cratering In Pre-Market - Down Between 3.59 and Low of 3.40 on Revelation Over Larger Share CountJul 22 at 07:26Profile hits: NONE

8:01a (T3) Tim_K:  MCD's beats by .07 eps and on revs nicly

8:03a (T3) Tim_K:  GE beats the street

PM Headlines:

4:01p (T3) Tim_K:  CSTR lowers
4:02p (T3) Tim_K:  2 headlines - Exec Leaves - Lowers guidance
4:02p (T3) Tim_K:  2 headlines - Exec Leaves - Lowers guidance
4:03p (T3) Tim_K:  MSFT beats on both eps and revs
4:03p (T3) Tim_K:  not a confirmed clean # yest
4:04p (T3) Tim_K:  Floor Chatter :     we are hearing some technical guy was pounding the table to buy it
4:05p (T3) Tim_K:  on MCP
4:07p (T3) Tim_K:  Floor Chatter: Coler on technical guy on MCP     Rick Bonsinere used to be a technical guy for MGS
4:08p (T3) Tim_K:  Coinstar, Inc. Announces Additional $250 Million StockRepurchase Authorization
4:08p (T3) Tim_K:  little bit sneaky
4:09p (T3) Tim_K:  RMBS a b little bit better
4:10p (T3) Tim_K:    (APKT) was a good report with good raise    sndk nice beat, no guidance yet
8:27a (T3) Tim_K:  APKT is a IBD one as well im told
4:10p (T3) Tim_K:      (CPHD)very nice    guidance and this qtr
4:15p (T3) Tim_K:  AMD beat by a penny and revs in line
4:16p (T3) Tim_K:  WDC beats
4:18p (T3) Tim_K:  GDI really good report
4:20p (T3) Tim_K:  CPHD had a good report and daily
4:31p (T3) Tim_K:  Skyworks Exceeds Q3 FY11 Revenue and EPS Estimates andGuides to $0.53 of Non-GAAP EPS in Q4 FY11

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