Sunday, January 5, 2014

Online Trading Room - Guest Member Tips

Tomorrow starts the first full week of trading after a two week long holiday period. Volume has been light and should pick up significantly as everyone will be back to business including us. In efforts to get the year off to a solid start Everyone's guest pass has been re-extended to allow access over the next few weeks

The Markets sold off on light holiday volume the first two days of the year with Gold rising. Currently as I blog this post the S&P futures are going negative after opening up a few handles.

Our daily broadcast begins in the pre market at 7:30 am est from our Proprietary Trading Desk at 2 Wall St. Broadcasting continues all day through the post market until 5 pm. The moderator starts the live AM meeting at 9-9:15 daily. Meeting's focus on current market levels, overnight earnings, fundamental news events, gap and relative strength plays. Top watch stocks are updated daily in the pre-market watch list.  Click the Trader OS TV link on the dashboard to view live Video. AM meeting's are recorded and archived daily. Simply toggle the live red link button to view at any time

Room Tips: Link your avatar, Stock-twits account, and or Twitter account to your login id. This will enable you to share ideas all from one platform, as well as monitor your social watch list.  Simply tweet from the blue publishing tool bar atop the charting section.

Sharing Ideas: The moderator, room attendees and your followers can see your trading ideas along with your customized technical indicators - should you choose to publish. This revolutionary software attract's awareness to your thought process, as well as gives the moderator, room attendees and your followers a medium to share and comment. Live help is available immediately by clicking the red Admin icon on the lower left hand side of the platform

Weekend Blog Post: Barron's Loves Housing - Highlights - Review & Preview  (Follow our blog post for daily updates & Insight)

We have extended your guest pass to assist you in exploring these special features mentioned.

Feel free to contact us for additional trial time, complimentary one on one advising, Proprietary Trading Services - or any other concerns.

All the best and good trading to all,

Tim Kelleher
"Don't Trade The Market Alone!"
(O) 212 785 2736


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