Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blackberry $BBRY selling off sharply - Full Verge Post

Disclosure: We Flatt-end out of $BBRY earlier today due to lack of movement

Pentagon: No new orders have been placed for BlackBerry
devices, The Verge says
Jan 23 at 12:42
Profile hits: NONE

      The Department of Defense last week said it would launch a new mobile
network utilizing smartphones, tablets and other electronics, adding that it
supports 80,000 BlackBerry smartphones. The Verge says that the Pentagon did not
purchase 80,000 new BlackBerry smartphones, and says "Absolutely no new orders
have been placed for new BB devices. The DISA press release put out Jan. 16
never alluded to any devices being purchased. The 80,000 BBs and 1,800 non-BB
devices referenced in the release are legacy systems already in DoD
inventories." [Reference

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