Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tesla Headlines - Recall Headline Imminent

Three of the headlines streaming on Tesla $TSLA today are below and they all make for interesting reading - We called out long entries shortly after the bell in the room today at the $173 level.   $175.83 later on the 5 minute shift after consolidating the up even $5 level over $175 was an entry as well. I'm looking to stay involved as I suspect when this headline hits on the recall, that it will be cleared. I'm suspicious it will eclipse all time highs soon, well before its earnings release February 15th.... I purchased it after a 5 minute shift last week at $146 and sold it first day down $24 points higher at $170 - Thursday last week. Now I'm buying it aggressively $3-$6 points higher today - If you cant get it - You WANT it as the old saying goes...Currently LONG

Tesla's Musk battles recall, Bloomberg reports
Jan 21 at 07:27

      Telsa Motors CEO Elon Musk is battling with the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration over the car's safety following battery fires, reports
Bloomberg. Last year, the NHTS began investigating battery fires in the Tesla
Model S sedan and then it listed as a recall Tesla?s steps to reduce fire risks
during recharging. Musk is fighting the recall to prove the cars aren't
dangerous. But he risks tangling with a regulator that could force alterations
or fine the company for not reporting what it considers safety defects.

New Tesla charging station operational in Macedonia
Jan 21 at 07:03
By Paula Schleis, The Akron Beacon Journal
      Jan. 21--MACEDONIA -- Tesla owners wanting to take their electric cars
cross country will have reason to plan their route through northern Summit
      Macedonia and Maumee, a suburb of Toledo, are the first two Ohio cities to
get Tesla superchargers -- a chain of stations that will allow owners of the
pricey cars to travel across the country for free.
      Both stations became operational last week, Tesla Motors announced. The
Macedonia station is in the parking lot outside of Hobby Lobby, on Macedonia
Commons Boulevard near East Aurora Road (state Route 82).
      It has been Tesla's goal to complete the cross-country network this
      "Superchargers are located near amenities like roadside diners, cafes and
shopping centers so road trippers can stop for a quick meal and have their Model
S charged by the time they're done," said Alexis Georgeson, spokeswoman for the
Palo Alto, Calif., company.
      The company says it has about 25,000 cars on the road. They sell for
$70,000 and up, though there are plans for a less expensive mass-market model
in the near future.
      The solar-powered superchargers -- free to use -- are being placed along
major corridors that connect city centers, Georgeson said. Over the next few
months, Tesla hopes to have enough stations to support a cross-country route
from Los Angeles to New York.
      With stations located just off the Ohio Turnpike, motorists can slip into
Macedonia or Maumee for a 30-minute charge and then be back on their way.
      It's what the car owners do in that half hour that has Macedonia Mayor Don
Kuchta excited.
      "Someone comes in and spends a half hour or so charging their car, what
are they going to do? They're going to kill time in our stores and restaurants,"
he said. "How great is that?"
      The car company announced plans for its cross-country network last year,
promising a way for Tesla Model S drivers to "travel long distances, for free,
      Tesla already had a station network in the California/Nevada area on the
West Coast, and in the Washington, D.C./Boston area on the East Coast.
      But even with a 265-mile range for a Model S, long distances have been an
issue. And drivers throughout the Midwest -- Ohio currently has three Tesla
dealerships -- have had to stay relatively close to home or seek out chargers at
cooperating dealerships and other sources.
      After meeting its goal of a coast-to-coast corridor this winter, Tesla
Motors is planning more charging stations to reach 80 percent of the U.S.
population by the end of this year and 98 percent of the country by the end of

Ramblin' Man: Electric cars pushing gas hogs off the road
Jan 18 at 07:34

By Garrison Wells, The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
      Jan. 18--So how long do you think before electric cars take over?
      Might be a lot sooner than you imagined.
      For many Americans, gas-guzzling mega vehicles seem to be an addiction.
      It's as if we all live in Texas.
      Bigger is better, damn the cost and impact on environment.
      Fumes. Give me fumes. And lots of noise.
      I want to hear the roar of an eight-cylinder engine, the boom of the
muffler puffing out smoke from the revved up engine.
      Things are changing, though, with some studies predicting that the days of
behemoth trucks and SUVs the size of dinosaurs are going the same direction:
      In their stead, smaller, lighter more efficient vehicles powered by
      Consider, the big car makers such as Ford and Chevrolet are getting into
the electric car business. They aren't heading that direction without plenty of
      They are driven by one thing, profit. And if the money is leaning that
way, so are they.
      Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, predicts that in about three years the
company will mass produce an electric car with a price tag of about $35,000.
      Right now, electric car maker Tesla Motors makes the Model S with a hefty
$70,000 price.
      Even at that price, though, people are buying them.
      Tesla's fourth quarter sales were up 25 percent to 6,900 vehicles. And the
company's shares soared more than 15 percent on the announcement. Investors
liked the news.
      In the wings for Tesla is a mass-produced pick-up, similar to Ford's ever
popular F-150.
      Plug-in electric car sales in 2013 were almost double the previous year in
the United States, according to Green Car Reports, which tracks the industry.
      About 96,000 of them were sold, compared with the 2012 total of 53,000. In
all, there were 16 plug in car models and the prediction is for more sales gains
in 2014.
      The Chevrolet Volt was the leader at 23,094 for plug in sales.
      Cadillac is making them. So is Porsche.
      Says Ford: "The future is electric. Reduce your carbon footprint."

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