Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ichan Tweets Buying Apple is a "NO Brainer"

# [10:42:07 AM] Tim_K $AAPL Ichan buys more
# [10:42:13 AM] Tim_Kup to over 3 billion
# [10:43:23 AM] Tim_K $AAPL Apple: Carl Icahn tweet says that he has been accumulating AAPL shares since August 13; reiterates it is a 'no brainer'
# [10:45:42 AM] Tim_KHaving purchased  $500 million more  $AAPL shares in the last two weeks, our investment has crossed the  $3 billion mark yesterday.
# [10:45:49 AM] Tim_KSince tweeting about our large position in  $AAPL on Aug 13, when the stock was 468 per share, we’ve kept buying shares of this ‘no brainer.’

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